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Dated: 08/06/2018

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Why BUY a house instead of renting? Because it's usually CHEAPER!  I have helped a few clients that initially intended to rent, buy a house for about the same cost-OR LESS-than it would have been just to get into the rental!  Although this may not be the 'norm', it can happen.  Add to that the fact that rent is typically higher than your mortgage would be on the same house.  SERIOUSLY.  

There is also this idea out there that you have to have a 20% down payment to purchase a home.  Not true.  It has its benefits if you do, but it's not 'required'.  In this article, courtesy of HouseLogic.com, you can read about the 20% down payment nonsense as well as other .

So, if you don't think you can do it, just ask a real estate professional!  We will help you find a lender you can speak with to just 'see where you are' credit-wise.  You may be better off than you think!  *wink*

Remember, the answer will always be 'no' if you never ask the question!

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